RelayX Exchange Opens for Business & Start of Ticker Sales

3 min readApr 8, 2021


Today RelayX Exchange is opening up and taking token trading to the next level.

Over the past few weeks we have been inundated with requests and offers to pay to list tokens. We are excited to unveil a no listing fee of any kind policy with today’s open launch.

Starting at 12:00pm UTC on 9th April 2021, all RelayX users can trade any token just by pasting the token contract address onto the end of[…..]

Those who have minted tokens on RelayX before will notice a string of numbers appearing after the token name. This is the contract address.

NumptyCoin can on today’s launch trade at

Ticker Tokens for a Premium Service

As a way for token issuers to have their own branding, save on trading fees and enjoy a better user experience without confusion for customers, RelayX is offering a premium ticker service by selling ticker tokens.

Customers can purchase a unique human-readable three character ticker token. For example $TOY, $APE, $HST, $NPC

Ticker symbol sales also begin at 12:00pm UTC on 9th April at

Sale prices begin at 10 BSV per ticker plus a 10% fee which will go entirely to REX1 bitcoin backing wallet.

For any unsold ticker symbols, prices will drop to 9 BSV + 10% fee per ticker symbol after Wednesday 14th April at 12:00 PM UTC. This is similar to a Dutch Auction. The price drops again to 8 BSV, 7 BSV, 6 BSV etc. until each ticker is priced at 1 BSV. Further price drops from then will be by 0.1 BSV increments.

Sales will only be for three letter ticker symbols, of which there are around 12,000 different combinations. We may choose to sell other letter combinations later.

Why own your own Ticker?

Own your brand. NumptyCoin for example can on today’s launch trade at

However, by being owners of the NPC ticker, the short link to the same contract would be

Save on trading fees. Tokens tied to a ticker symbol will trade with the regular 0.3% fee. Contract link trading without a ticker symbol will incur a 1% trading fee. Purchasing a ticker will thus give traders of your token a significant discount in fees.

Highlighted on home page. RelayX will upon approval curate and highlight tickers on the frontpage. We will not curate any tokens that do not have a ticker symbol associated.


Update (07/07/2021): We’ve made changes to tickers to only be a token contract binding tool. Please see here for further details.

Additional Notes about Ticker Sales

  • The top 500 three letter tickers on have been reserved and are not available to purchase.
  • Ticker symbols are onchain NFTs created on the RUN protocol. They can be freely bought and sold. Once a ticker symbol is purchased the ticker is yours to tie to any contract until you choose to sell it or send it as a gift.
  • Ticker symbols are for any letters between A to Z.
  • Initial ticker symbol sales will incur a 10% trading fee that will be sent to the REX1 Bitcoin-Backed address. Ticker symbol sales afterwards on the secondary market will incur a 3% fee where 50% goes to the REX1 address as before.
  • Purchased Ticker tokens to contract resolution will be available in an upcoming launch.




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