An Update to Tickers

1 min readJul 6, 2021

As per our tweet yesterday we have received several questions asking about the future plan for tickers.

First, we want to emphasise that we are committed to delivering value to the 80+ existing ticker holders who bought at a price point of 4 BSV or higher.

However due to delays in development, we don’t want further purchases of tickers to have expectations of the features that are still in development like the storefront and revenue share.

So going forward, all sales of tickers at 1 BSV (or lower) from now on will only be a token contract binding service with the 3-letter ticker shortener.

By purchasing a ticker you can bind token contracts that were previously:

To a 3-letter ticker, as the below example:

By simplifying what ticker purchases represent, it enables us greater flexibility with our future plans to expand the platform. Ultimately we believe these expansions will better benefit users, including ticker holders.

We look forward to sharing with you all what we have been quietly building when it is ready.




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