Giving RelayX Tickers More Utility

2 min readApr 13, 2021

Update (07/07/2021): We’ve made changes to tickers to only be a token contract binding tool. Please see here for more details.

At RelayX we believe in empowering the individual and core to the marketplace are those who curate and promote the endless amount of products and services that will be tokenised in the coming future.

A few days ago, we launched ticker sales. In this post we highlight some of the unique features that buying a ticker gives – made uniquely possible on Bitcoin.

Your Own Digital Storefront on

Tickers are seen normally as a specific symbol for a single stock or token.

But having a ticker on RelayX is different.

People who have tickers are able to list any number of token contract addresses they wish. Including contract addresses they did not create.

As an initial rollout, tickers will tie to one specific contract address, and then this amount will increase in a phased manner.

If you have the ticker art, your link - will direct to a digital shopfront listing all kinds of art pieces or art-related goods and services. Your creativity and proof of work becomes the only limit.

Taking a recent example, Aaron bought the ticker hat. He also owns several rare hats he bought on Twetch. He is now looking to tokenise each hat into smaller pieces so that others can afford to purchase a piece of any future rare hat upside.

If other rare hat owners want to do the same, they would likely also want to be listed under Aaron can also choose to list other token ideas that are related to hats. As the owner of the ticker hat, Aaron can become curator of his digital space.

Real-Time Utility Rewards for Token Curators

Any tokens that are traded under a ticker will have 15% of the trading fees made by RelayX be shared with whoever bought that ticker.

RelayX wants to give back to our early supporters and believers. We hope to incentivise a new breed of Token Curators who will curate a diverse selection of artwork, music, literature and whatever else that will attract people to their storefront.

The rewards will happen in real-time. And can be shared with as many people as the ticker holder wants. Someone can hold onto the ticker while having all the rewards be shared with someone else. The different combinations are up to you.


RelayX takes a 0.3% fee for fungible tokens and 3% for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Fees may change based on market forces.




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