The Streamanity Creator Partnership

What is the Creator Partnership?

We are giving creators 25% of lifetime revenues we make from users you bring to Streamanity. Currently our platform cut is 20%, meaning 5% of a user’s every spend will be sent to the first creator the user spent on.

How does it work?

When a user pays for content for their very first time on “Streamanity” (Aka or 3rd party sites which broadcasts Streamanity’s content), the creator of that content becomes the referrer of account for that user. On every spend thereafter by the user on Streamanity, the creator will receive 25% of the Streamanity cut which today equates to 5%. This will be paid out in real time to the creator’s account (Paymail).

When does it start?

The Creator Partnership goes into effect starting back from June 15, 2020 — the announced date of RelayX’s acquisition of Streamanity for all Paymail transactions.

By latest Sep 30, 2020 — Streamanity will unveil a dashboard for creators showing all paid users and the subset of first time users from whom you will be receiving 5% of their future spending. At this time, accumulated revenue share will be sent to you in one batch, and any future revenue share will be sent to you in real time as your referred users consume content. The nature of what is consumed will remain private.

Why are you doing this?

For far too long, sharing economy or so called cooperative economy companies have been marketed as such while seemingly only sharing the growth of the platform with its founders, employees, and investors. It is a regrettable outcome that the very first AirBnb hosts who provided guests with a delightful experience were not rewarded for their outsized contributions to the growth of the platform.

Streamanity already today enables content creators to monetize their work in unprecedented ways with our real time payout, competitive fees, and ability to share revenue with other contributors and distributors.

The Creator Partnership now gives content creators meaningful long term alignment with the well-being of its users and with Streamanity itself.

Who qualifies for the Creator Partnership

You! The content creator! Unlike legacy Partner programs with convoluted tiering, minimum subscribers and views, Streamanity’s Creator Partnership program just works. All paid content qualifies for attribution.

In closing, we hope you will delight and grow your audience with new, interesting, and valuable content.

Streamanity reserves the legal right to change the terms and conditions at any time including terminating the program. Content which infringes on our Terms of Services will not qualify. The Creator Partnership is not a sale or fundraise or token offering. No proceeds are raised.



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