REX1 Redemptions

2 min readMar 11, 2022

Update: All 71.0618434 BSV have now been sent out in this 1 input, 3721 outputs transaction.

We will be sending out 71.0618434 BSV from the REX1 reward pool pro-rata to all REX1 holders, with the snapshot taken at block height 730258 — the closest block to 3:30pm UTC on 11th March 2022.

The block height snapshot marks our one year anniversary since launching the first DEX on Bitcoin SV, with SHUA/BSV going live as the first trading pair.

The BSV in the reward pool was generated over a roughly 4 month period. REX1 was a trial for a BSV rewards program to benefit our early users and traders on the DEX. You can read more in the original REX1 announcement post.

A total of 39,891 transactions were made into the REX1 reward pool. Many of these transactions were only a few cents which we consolidated the UTXOs for and will send out to 3,791 REX1 holders.

The REX1 experiment gave us many key insights into tokenomics and we are glad to now bring it to a close by fulfilling all REX1 redemptions. While we had said the original redemption would be in a 10,080 block timeframe we had obviously gone beyond the expiry deadline and have decided instead to complete the redemption process this way for every REX1 holder.

Note: We need to index the chain in order to calculate the amount of BSV sent to REX1 holders, so BSV rewards will not arrive in your wallets until tomorrow, or 14th March latest. The snapshot has already been taken so any purchases of REX1 from now will not qualify for the rewards.




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