Renowned Streamanity Creator Numptoshi Soonamoto to Launch NumptyCoin (NPC)

2 min readMar 26, 2021


RelayX and Streamanity are proud to support the launch of NumptyCoin: A Numpty-to-Numpty Electronic Soon System¹.

NumptyCoin is the first CreatorCoin launched on Streamanity that we believe will usher in a new wave of creator empowerment.

Streamanity is known among creators for it’s real-time revenue share model². NumptyCoin will take this model to the next level by putting 100% of all future BSV earned by Numptoshi Soonamoto (aka The Four Numpties aka Isaac Morehouse’s Streamanity channel) into a public NumptyCoin Bitcoin-backed address.

RelayX Exchange will list NumptyCoin (NPC) for trading at 5:30pm UTC on Friday 26th March 2021.

How to Get NumptyCoin

Those who have watched any videos from the Four Numpties have been airdropped a pro-rata amount of NumptyCoins (NPC) into their RelayX wallet.

Users who used MoneyButton on Streamanity have been airdropped NumptyCoinCredits (NCred) which will need to be redeemed manually for real NumptyCoins by suing The Soon Times for defamation and issuing a court order to publicly state which NumptyCoin is the real NumptyCoin³.

NumptyCoin holders will be able to redeem their NPC for BSV from the Bitcoin-backed address anytime they wish.

RelayX is on a mission to build a real-time economy on Bitcoin. The start of CreatorCoins on Streamanity we believe will facilitate this mission by giving creators more ways to value their content, reward their audience and unleash an unseen creativity.


¹ Read the white paper for full details.

² Here are two more short clips from Isaac about the new normal for content creators and starting your side hustle on Streamanity.

³ To actually redeem NCred for NC please send NCred to and email with the TXID, amount of NCred sent and a RelayX paymail. All NCred need to be redeemed by 1st April 2021 [Note: this is NOT an April’s fool joke, 1st April really is the deadline and if you miss it NCred will no longer be redeemable for NPC].




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