RelayX Listing: SHUA to be 1st coin to trade on Bitcoin DEX

SHUA coin issued on RUN will begin trading on Bitcoin’s first DEX at 3:30pm UTC, March 11 at As a non-custodial platform, RelayX will offer the ability to create, send, receive, trade, and use tokens across apps trustlessly. We believe a tokenised world on Bitcoin will enable a real-time economy. At initial launch, RelayX UI for the DEX will trade only SHUA and a select number of coins from the community in order to improve the experience before opening for all* tokens. We remind users of the infancy of the RelayX Exchange, to trade at your own risk, and to backup your non-custodial RelayX wallet.

SHUA is a widely held token in the Bitcoin ecosystem after emerging organically 23 days ago on Bitcoin social media platform Twetch. 90% of its total supply was distributed to the Bitcoin SV community for a total of under $100. With community participation, SHUA has been used for tipping, airdropping, and as rewards for users on RetroTwetch, Windbell, Twetch, Twitter and even has its own Satoshi Doodle.