RelayX Listing: SHUA to be 1st coin to trade on Bitcoin DEX

SHUA coin issued on RUN will begin trading on Bitcoin’s first DEX at 3:30pm UTC, March 11 at As a non-custodial platform, RelayX will offer the ability to create, send, receive, trade, and use tokens across apps trustlessly. We believe a tokenised world on Bitcoin will enable a real-time economy. At initial launch, RelayX UI for the DEX will trade only SHUA and a select number of coins from the community in order to improve the experience before opening for all* tokens. We remind users of the infancy of the RelayX Exchange, to trade at your own risk, and to backup your non-custodial RelayX wallet.

SHUA is a widely held token in the Bitcoin ecosystem after emerging organically 23 days ago on Bitcoin social media platform Twetch. 90% of its total supply was distributed to the Bitcoin SV community for a total of under $100. With community participation, SHUA has been used for tipping, airdropping, and as rewards for users on RetroTwetch, Windbell, Twetch, Twitter and even has its own Satoshi Doodle.

RelayX Superwallet. Download for Google Play and iOS at

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