Introducing RelayX Exchange – Bitcoin’s first DEX

RelayX is pre-announcing the announcement of soon to be released RelayX Exchange (REX) – Bitcoin’s first fully decentralised open trustless peer-to-peer non-custodial DeFi order-book DEX.

Screenshot of soon to launch RelayX Exchange

Thought of as an impossibility by the wider crypto-currency industry, RelayX is at the frontier of surfacing Bitcoin’s capabilities as a contracting platform for utility tokens, NFTs, coupons, access tokens, and more.

The DEX is built on the RUN network by an industry wide code is law technical steering committee with distributed developer representation spanning four continents. will be an UI only interface on top of the DEX and has no control over the liquidity, order book, custody, trading, or settlement.

The first version of the DEX will feature order posting and buying full orders. More advanced trading forms will be released in the future.

RelayX is a non-custodial Bitcoin & token wallet launched on April 1, 2019. We believe the RUN protocol represents the most advanced smart contracting capabilities on Bitcoin to date and RelayX will contribute significant technical, human, and financial investment towards the build out of the RUN ecosystem.