Introducing NFTs on RelayX Exchange – 5,000 Card Sales

2 min readMar 23, 2021

At RelayX, our mission is to move the world towards a real-time economy powered by Bitcoin.

Today, we introduce the NFT marketplace on the RelayX Exchange. Trade any item you want, peer to peer with no counterparty risk. All NFTs are non-custodial and are swapped atomically without a trusted third party.

To start, RelayX is selling the full 5000 RelayX cards as NFTs.

At 3:30pm UTC, 24th March, sales go live for the RelayX card NFT at 0.2 BSV each.

The RelayX card NFT gives holders the right, but not the obligation, to claim a physical RelayX card. Once claimed, the NFT is used up.

To redeem the NFT for a physical card, holders must first successfully complete KYC. Their unique number and 1handle will then be engraved onto the physical card and delivered to them.

Those who fail KYC or do not wish to complete it will be able to sell their NFT on the marketplace* or gift it to friends. There are no restrictions on the number of cards a customer can buy.

RelayX will issue only 5,000 physical cards for sale. There are no plans to issue more physical cards in the near future.

Become part of Bitcoin history and purchase the NFT card starting 3:30pm UTC March, 24th.

Note: Customers who pre-ordered the RelayX card already will see their NFT in their wallets soon. For those who have completed KYC already we will put cards in the mail next week.

*RelayX Exchange takes a 3% fee on trades done on the NFT marketplace.

About the RelayX Card

The RelayX card is the world’s first Bitcoin SV payment card. Earnings from Bitcoin apps can be spent via paymail direct to the card. Funds are instantly spendable anywhere in the world. Top up as little as 1 cent and receive RXC token rewards.




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