FloatSV to Suspend Service — Please Withdraw Funds by 15th March 2022

Feb 23, 2022

FloatSV trading platform will officially suspend service on 5pm January 30, 2022 (UTC) due to a strategic adjustment. In order to ensure the safety of your digital assets on FloatSV and avoid unnecessary losses, please make sure to withdraw all your assets prior to suspension.

Timeline is as follows:

1. FloatSV will suspend deposits on 10am January 27, 2022 (UTC) while you can still withdraw your assets.

2. FloatSV will suspend fiat, spot and leverage trading on 5pm February 25, 2022 (UTC). The system will cancel existing orders while you can still withdraw assets.

3. FloatSV will suspend withdrawals on 5pm March 15th, 2022 (UTC) and officially stop service.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

FloatSV Team




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