Changes to the RelayX Card

2 min readSep 21, 2022

To all customers of the RelayX Card,

We regret to inform you that due to changes in policy by the issuer we are no longer able to top up your existing RelayX Cards that work on the VISA network.*

All top ups are currently suspended and any failed top ups will have been refunded to your RelayX wallet now.

As a courtesy our card program manager Aerapass is giving all existing RelayX Card holders the opportunity to switch to a Unionpay card free of charge for the next 30 days. You will have received an email from Aerapass about this by now.

In order to switch:

  • Go to and contact the Aerapass support team.
  • If you do the conversion yourself via the Aerapass website it will show a default $25 charge. You need to contact Aerapass directly to take advantage of the free conversion.
  • You will then get an email to re-confirm your shipping address where your new Unionpay card will be sent.
  • For those not needing the physical card, the virtual card will be a faster process — login to, click manage card > new card > virtual card > apply

About Unionpay

Unionpay is the major card scheme in mainland China. It is the largest card payment processing organization in the world, surpassing VISA and Mastercard. Cards are accepted in 180 countries across 55 million merchants. In the USA, Unionpay is accepted at 80% of physical merchant stores. In Europe, Unionpay is accepted at 60% of physical merchant stores.

For any questions or concerns please reach out to or


  • All remaining balance on existing RelayX Cards will still be usable until the balance is zero. You will however no longer be able to top up until you request the new Unionpay card.
  • Top ups will remain suspended temporarily while we work through this transition.
  • Any new RelayX Card that is ordered will automatically be sent the Unionpay version.
  • Unfortunately the existing card designs will no longer be available on the new Unionpay cards.

*Only Singaporean residents can continue using the RelayX Card as it is on the VISA network. If you have residency in Singapore you can update your proof of address to continue using the card on VISA.




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