Announcing the Gopnikz Drop — Algorithmically Generated NFTs with Provably Fair Distribution

3 min readOct 11, 2021


RelayX is excited to announce the upcoming dates for the Gopnikz NFT drop. There will be a total of 3,000 Gopnikz NFTs for sale, listed in batches of 250 NFTs. The batches will drop at

The Gopnikz Drop will start Wednesday 13th October 2021 at 3:00 pm UTC. Batches of 250 NFTs will continue to drop after each one sells ut, up to a maximum of 12 batches. Each Gopnik NFT will cost 0.33 BSV.

The sale of the Gopnikz NFTs will be the first provably fair distributed sale of NFTs on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. This means neither the creators of the Gopnikz nor RelayX will know what Gopnik they end up buying. So no one can selectively buy up rare Gopnik jpegs.

The Sale

There are 12 batches of 250 random Gopnikz. Batches will be available starting on 13th October. Once a batch sells out, the next one will be made available for a total of 12 batches or 3,000 Gopnikz.

Encrypted images of random Gopnikz will be uploaded on-chain before each batch begins.

People buy a header token that represents a random Gopnik in a current batch. The generic Gopnik token will be mapped to the pre-minted encrypted token. From the user’s point of view, they will buy a Gopnik, and only after their batch ends will they see what their Gopnik looks like.

To make the distribution fair, a block hash is used to randomize the mapping between the encrypted Gopnik token and the pre-minted Gopnik. The last sale of Gopnik in a batch will mark the block hash used. If that batch of Gopnikz does not sell out, then the 144th block from that day is used instead. No one will see what Gopnik they have until the block hash is published.

On other blockchains, only hashes of the images are uploaded to the chain because the actual image file is usually stored on IPFS. On BSV however, we can upload the entire image directly on-chain.

Once all Gopnikz is revealed, a rarity chart will be made available to show how rare the different traits are.

Artwork of the Genesis Series

The Gopnikz artwork was initially hand-drawn by Claudia Vaduvescu. She drew 35 archetypal Squatting Slavs which were used as the genesis series as the foundation to algorithmically create an additional 3,000 Gopnikz — each with their own unique combination of traits.

On 25th October, there will be a dutch auction for the hand-drawn genesis Gopnikz that seeded the entire collection. Stay updated on the Gopnikz Twitter for further details on this.

About Gopnikz

Gopnikz are 3,000 algorithmically generated NFTs based on the gopnik subculture in Eastern Europe. They were popularised on the Internet through the squatting slavs meme which featured Slavic guys wearing Adidas tracksuits in the squatting position. Nobody knows why they squat. Some say because they have no chairs. Others say it’s because of the cold.

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