A Christmas present from RelayX team — Bitcoin SV’s first debit card

At RelayX, our mission is to move the world towards a real-time economy powered by Bitcoin.

Today, we’re introducing the RelayX Debit Card.


The world’s first Bitcoin SV debit card, the RelayX Card is the most powerful debit card ever issued. A card truly native to Bitcoin.

Paymail built in
The RelayX Card comes with a unique Paymail built in — handle@card.relayx.io, enabling you to top up using any wallet of your choice be it HandCash, Moneybutton, SimplyCash, DotWallet, or RelayX. It’s as easy as sending to your 1handle@card.relayx.io

Micropayment friendly
It’s the only card where you can top up as little as a penny. With 0 fixed / minimum loading costs, it means you can use your favourite Bitcoin apps and earn directly to your Debit card denominated in the local currency of your choice.

RXC token rewards for cardholders
Much has been talked about in the wider blockchain industry about putting Airmile and loyalty rewards onchain. Well, we’re excited to share that the card program we are launching today comes with a native reward token issued on Bitcoin SV. It’s called the Relay X Card (RXC) token. Instead of cashback, you earn instant tokenback for top ups to the card. 50% of all tokens will be distributed to card holders based on a top up schedule in this manner, making it we believe, the most transparent, interoperable, utility based card reward program to date. Further, Relay will buyback and burn RXC using 15% of revenues earned. Full details about RXC will come at a later date, before card activation.

Disclaimer: The RXC tokens are not offered for sale, do not constitute an ICO, and are merely bonus rewards for card users. For all intents and purposes, consider the tokens as not having any monetary value.

What comes next
Today, we begin pre-orders at $35 per card for the first 1000 cards being manufactured. In the coming days we will onboard those who have purchased a card. You’ll just have to Connect with the Relay 1handle tied to the pre-order and you can begin onboarding. A partial refund will be offered to those who do not pass KYC. Cards will arrive conservatively in Q1, 2021.

Pre-order one for yourself or gift one for your friends today at relayx.com/card

On behalf of the RelayX team, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

RelayX Superwallet. Download for Google Play and iOS at RelayX.com