As per our tweet yesterday we have received several questions asking about the future plan for tickers.

First, we want to emphasise that we are committed to delivering value to the 80+ existing ticker holders who bought at a price point of 4 BSV or higher.

However due to delays…

RelayX is proud to support the launch of trading for Haste Tokens (HST).

Trading started at 3:30pm UTC on 15th April 2021.

Haste was one of the first teams to decide to back HST tokens directly with BSV. Every time a gamer plays a game, 10% of the gameplay fee…

Update (07/07/2021): We’ve made changes to tickers to only be a token contract binding tool. Please see here for more details.

At RelayX we believe in empowering the individual and core to the marketplace are those who curate and promote the endless amount of products and services that will be…


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