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As per our tweet yesterday we have received several questions asking about the future plan for tickers.

First, we want to emphasise that we are committed to delivering value to the 80+ existing ticker holders who bought at a price point of 4 BSV or higher.

However due to delays in development, we don’t want further purchases of tickers to have expectations of the features that are still in development like the storefront and revenue share.

So going forward, all sales of tickers at 1 BSV (or lower) from now on will only be a token contract binding service with…

As a seminal piece towards our mission of creating a real-time economy, RelayX is excited to announce the launch of our Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Minter.

From 1:45pm UTC 10th June, all users will be able to mint their own NFTs at

Users have already been able to mint Fungible Tokens (FTs) and now we add NFTs to our suite of tools. All NFTs that users mint will be instantly available to list for sale on the marketplace. Users who have a RelayX card will also be able to instantly spend their earnings nearly anywhere in the world.

The NFT…

FloatSV was created in response to the mass delisting campaign against Bitcoin SV (BSV) that happened in April 2019.

Since then FloatSV has averaged several hundred thousand dollars in daily trading volume over the last two years. Today we have over 150 different trading pairs, with the majority of volume done on BSV pairs. In the last month daily trading volume has hit over $1 million per day on some days and our all-time peak daily volume has been over $5 million.

We’ve had a few thousand users sign up to our platform and today we are announcing the FloatSV…

RelayX is proud to support the launch of trading for Haste Tokens (HST).

Trading started at 3:30pm UTC on 15th April 2021.

Haste was one of the first teams to decide to back HST tokens directly with BSV. Every time a gamer plays a game, 10% of the gameplay fee instantly goes into the Haste Loyalty Wallet. HST token holders will be able to redeem HST for a pro-rata share of the bitcoins held in that wallet at any point within a 5 year period.

This adds to the growing list of Bitcoin-Backed tokens which RelayX is happy to support.

Update (07/07/2021): We’ve made changes to tickers to only be a token contract binding tool. Please see here for more details.

At RelayX we believe in empowering the individual and core to the marketplace are those who curate and promote the endless amount of products and services that will be tokenised in the coming future.

A few days ago, we launched ticker sales. In this post we highlight some of the unique features that buying a ticker gives – made uniquely possible on Bitcoin.

Your Own Digital Storefront on

Tickers are seen normally as a specific symbol for a…

Today RelayX Exchange is opening up and taking token trading to the next level.

Over the past few weeks we have been inundated with requests and offers to pay to list tokens. We are excited to unveil a no listing fee of any kind policy with today’s open launch.

Starting at 12:00pm UTC on 9th April 2021, all RelayX users can trade any token just by pasting the token contract address onto the end of[…..]

Those who have minted tokens on RelayX before will notice a string of numbers appearing after the token name. This is the contract address.

RelayX and Streamanity are proud to support the launch of NumptyCoin: A Numpty-to-Numpty Electronic Soon System¹.

NumptyCoin is the first CreatorCoin launched on Streamanity that we believe will usher in a new wave of creator empowerment.

Streamanity is known among creators for it’s real-time revenue share model². NumptyCoin will take this model to the next level by putting 100% of all future BSV earned by Numptoshi Soonamoto (aka The Four Numpties aka Isaac Morehouse’s Streamanity channel) into a public NumptyCoin Bitcoin-backed address.

RelayX Exchange will list NumptyCoin (NPC) for trading at 5:30pm UTC on Friday 26th March 2021.

How to…

At RelayX, our mission is to move the world towards a real-time economy powered by Bitcoin.

Today, we introduce the NFT marketplace on the RelayX Exchange. Trade any item you want, peer to peer with no counterparty risk. All NFTs are non-custodial and are swapped atomically without a trusted third party.

To start, RelayX is selling the full 5000 RelayX cards as NFTs.

At 3:30pm UTC, 24th March, sales go live for the RelayX card NFT at 0.2 BSV each.

The RelayX card NFT gives holders the right, but not the obligation, to claim a physical RelayX card. …

On March 22, 2021, RelayX, a BSV commodity earning venture is trialing a loyalty program (REX1) to share BSV earned with users and traders. REX1 is one of the first reward programs that is backed by Bitcoin itself and is Inspired by our founder Jack C. Liu’s blog post “Bitcoin backed corporate currencies are coming” from November, 2014.

The full supply of 800,000 REX1 will be issued to users and REX1 will be backed by a redeemable commodity – Bitcoin SV using 50% of RelayX Exchange trading fee income from launch to the following 20,160 blocks or roughly 20 weeks…

SHUA coin issued on RUN will begin trading on Bitcoin’s first DEX at 3:30pm UTC, March 11 at As a non-custodial platform, RelayX will offer the ability to create, send, receive, trade, and use tokens across apps trustlessly. We believe a tokenised world on Bitcoin will enable a real-time economy. At initial launch, RelayX UI for the DEX will trade only SHUA and a select number of coins from the community in order to improve the experience before opening for all* tokens. …


RelayX Superwallet. Download for Google Play and iOS at

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